Be True to Yourself!

Every brand has a story and so does everyone. In essence, it is our story and the way we tell it that set us apart. Communication can be likened to storytelling and in telling our story, we must make sure that it is authentic and genuine. Fake is a scent you should wear... NEVER!

My name is Sandra De Happi (pretty cool name, I agree). I have traveled to 40 cities and lived in about 10 of them over 4 continents. I fluently speak French and English. To my Master in Business Administration, I can add a natural passion for entrepreneurship and a clear enthusiasm for communication - which I suspect may have been influenced by my parents' studies of law and literature.

Some people would call me a 'multipotentialite' - which is a bizarre but simple word to describe someone with many interests and creative pursuits, who displays aptitudes across multiple disciplines. Who said you had to settle for one thing? You can be anything you want! Though, I agree you must making me a very resourceful person. So why were we talking about multipotentiality again? Haaaa... yes, it gives a bit of an edge in the sense that I am able to see and appreciate situations from multiple angles at a time, which you will find out to be a tremendous added value in working with me.

I would really like to know all about you, your dreams, your projects, your challenges. Let's have a conversation!


  • 10+ years Communication, PR, Marketing, Events.

  • Industries experience include: Education, Sports, Entertainment, Media, Creative, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Oil & Gas, various Professional Services. 

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA).


  • Reflecting on how to make the world a better place.

  • All things involving creativity and problem solving.

  • Learning about eating healthier and living better.

  • Discovering various cultures and lifestyles.

  • How to do more with less.